My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is simple...

"Build grit and build the individual. The results will follow suit."

What is Grit and how do I build it?

In my philosophy, grit is one's ability to do something whether they want to or not. It comes from discipline and following a plan.

'But Bryce, are you saying that if I train with you I'm not going to enjoy training?'

Absolutely not. However, there is going to be a time in the middle of February where the only time you have to train is at 6am. Is it going to be fun? No. However, it will be worth it. Through this we build strong habits which force strong behaviors and yield strong lifelong results.
I instill grit through accountability and by sharing my own personal experiences. Throughout my running career I (like many runners) encountered injuries and setbacks. Five stress injuries, a knee surgery, and countless other aches/pains. Through these injuries, I learned more about myself then running well ever could have.

It is my goal for each person I work with to leave my guidance as a better,  learn more then they would in any other training program and leave my guidance 

My Running Philosophy

Overall, my coaching philosophy has not veered far from that of my high school coach. Eat a lot. Sleep a lot. Run a lot. However, the pieces need some elaboration.

  • Run a lot of smart quality miles.

    • Find a balance between running and strength building.

  • Eat a lot of quality foods.

    • Be intentional about what you eat but know that any nourishment when hungry is better than no nourishment at all.

  • Sleep a lot.

    • The human body craves consistency. Find a routine that allows you to be efficient and balanced. The result: better recovery.​