Testimonials and References

Caleb S.

Former Athlete

"Working with Bryce has been game changing."

The Sandman Family

Parents of Athlete

"His off-season training has resulted in significantly faster times and in fact she has broken 3 high school records since she started training with him last winter."

The Swart Family

Parents of Athlete

"If you (of any age or skill level) are looking for someone who will use his vast knowledge, experience, and community to help you, Bryce is the one! Not just in the measurable results on the field but the immeasurable benefits of character, and responsibility..."

Annika S.

Current Athlete

"Not only has he helped me with training, but he has also met with me to discuss what it’s like running in college."

The Krampe Family

Parents of Athlete

"He (Bryce) is “real" and personable while also extremely professional. He has helped Ethan in many areas of his training including flexibility, focus and discipline."