YOUR Training Plan

A truly unique experience that accounts for every part of you as an individual.

It starts with a conversation. A bit of learning about each other. We will discuss your goals, lifestyle, prior experiences, and other sports involvement. I will then put together a few weeks of training for you to review and get started on. After a week we touch base again to give you the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions. This is also an opportunity for me to give you a more in-depth look into the why behind what we are doing and show you an overview of where your training will be going. At this time we will schedule monthly check-ins. The in-between time is filled with texts.

If you're someone who would rather be left alone to train then we can meet less frequently. Want to meet more frequently? We can do that as well. As the name states, this is YOUR training plan. My job is to educate and give you the tools to be successful.