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Caleb S.

Former Athlete

Caleb S.

Working with Bryce has been game changing. Not only in the results I saw but also in the
passion I found for running. He did a great job of not only writing training and checking to make
sure it got done but helping me to understand the training and why what we were doing was
beneficial. Through the couple of summers that Bryce coached me I saw significant increases
not only during summer training (which Bryce taught me is crucial to a successful cross-country
season) but also throughout the entire season. Going into season with a base of mileage and
strength training allowed me to get “sharper” as the season progressed fine tuning the smaller
details of racing and not just working to get fit all season.

Bryce has been great to work with because he understood that life as a student athlete
is very busy and that there is more to life than just running. He was very flexible in training to
work with what you need and not just write a cookie cutter type training. I always believed that
the training that was being written was specifically to strengthen my weaknesses. Knowing this
and trusting it made it much easier to follow the training. Anytime I had any questions about
anything Bryce was very easy to go to and quick with a response.

Working with Bryce for multiple seasons I was able to see not just a change in my overall
fitness but a change in the way training was written to best suit my goals. There was an
evolution of training from trying to get into shape to be competitive at a high school level to
honing in on specific higher level races to ultimately preparing me to make the high school to
college transition as smoothly as possible by writing specific training plans to target aspects of
the college training to also just talking through the college process. From helping me
understand how the recruiting process works and what coaches are looking for in their student
athletes to adjusting training to help the physical transition from high school to college. It was
incredibly helpful to have someone in my corner who had gone through the college transition
as well as had a very successful college career to help cue me into the intensity and
commitment college training is.

Still today as a sophomore in college and two years out of training with Bryce I see the
benefits from it. I have a much more vast knowledge of training style and the why we do what
we do. I found that my body was able to adapt a little more quickly to the college training than
many of my teammates. Working with Bryce my 3200m time dropped from 10:05 to 9:32 and
my mile dropped from 4:35 to 4:25 during the winter indoor track season while we were
training base to build into the outdoor season (unfortunately the pandemic hit spring of my
senior season and I didn’t get to compete). During the outdoor track season my freshman year
of college I was able to place third in the GLIAC championships thanks to my college coaches,
but I believe the smooth transition from high school to college in large part thanks to Bryce
played a large role in getting me in a position to perform during the season.