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The Swart Family

Parents of Athlete

The Swart Family

As a parent watching my child pursue his passion and gifts in sports, specifically running, I knew our son would benefit from training direction and encouragement during the off seasons. We found Bryce Bradley and that was the start of a long coaching, mentoring, and friend relationship for our son. Bryce wrote training plans, monitored his performance, encouraged him before, during and after races, and stood in the gap during the off seasons. The results were seen both on and off the track. Some examples of this his time improvements are the 1600M where 26 seconds were dropped, outdoor track 3200M where he dropped 35 seconds, and the XC 5k where he dropped 23 seconds! Bryce was there for it all, offering support and encouragement on and off the track, always respecting the coach who was leading the team at that time.

An aspect that I, as the parent, really appreciated was that Bryce communicated directly with Caleb while also being available to us as parents. This taught Caleb to take ownership of the training and to be responsible for communicating directly with his coaches, an important skill to learn going through life!
While the results on the field are impressive, as a parent of an athlete, his character on and off the track are most important, and Bryce has been a big part of speaking into that for our son. He taught him how to win and how to lose, how to stay the course when the results were not immediate, and how to come back from injury. We saw Caleb go from "I have to go workout" to "I get to go workout". Caleb grew in ownership, vision and character working with Bryce.

Bryce did not stop at the training plans for off season, encouragement during the season, but also walked Caleb through the process of collegiate recruiting, looking at the options and being a sounding board for all the pros and cons of being a collegiate athlete. Bryce's own experience of being a top collegiate athlete was so helpful in understanding what to expect going from a high school to collegiate athlete.
I never thought when I sent the 1st email, and met Bryce for coffee that what was starting was not just a coach who would write an off season training plan but a mentor and friend for our son. Bryce has become one of Caleb's strongest influences not just in the sport of running, but in life. The relationship built is one that will be there for years to come.

If you (of any age or skill level) are looking for someone who will use his vast knowledge, experience, and community to help you, Bryce is the one! Not just in the measurable results on the field but the immeasurable benefits of character, and responsibility, that come with being committed to a sport, Bryce is simply the best. You can count on personalized attention, all while having fun and joking around!