I started a business and I have never written a blog post

Updated: Jan 9

This is my first blog post ever and quite frankly, I have no idea what to write so I am going to start with some thank yous!

First off, thank you to my wife Abi for believing in me, supporting me, and designing some killer logos- seriously people she does some crazy work. Thank you to my family who equipped me with the tools to be successful in sport and as a result has allowed me to end up here. Believe it or not I have never had a coach that I called “Coach” or “Coach _____” so thank you to all the coaches that I never called coach! Swager, Mike, Jerry, Polk, Watson, and Dathan you all have shaped me in ways that even I don’t fully understand. Thank you to the Swart family for taking a chance and allowing me to coach their son Caleb. Thank you to Amber and Cal at Great Lakes CrossFit for helping me through some processes and giving me another coaching outlet. If you’re reading that list thinking ‘What the heck! I taught Bryce how to ____!’ I sincerely apologize, but you know how my brain works. You are not forgotten.

If you've read through my About Me page then you've already learned a bit about me but to give you a bit more context about how I ended up here... I have been coaching for many years, in fact I recall a time back in middle school when I was giving a teammate pointers about wrestling. Through high school I started toying with the idea of coaching and having it become a bigger part of my life but it wasn't until college that I made the decision to pursue it. Geared towards college coaching I became a student of running and overall wellness constantly asking questions, keeping my own notes and beginning to formulate my own coaching philosophy.
After my college career ended I had the privilege to help start the Gazelle Elite Racing Team (GERT) and train under one of the best American distance runners ever, Dathan Ritzenhein. Through my post-collegiate career I was also volunteer assisting at Grand Valley State University where I focused on supporting a handful of student-athletes come back from injury and remain uninjured. I also did some work with strength and conditioning and wherever else I was needed. Through each of these experiences I succeeded and I failed. I developed ideas that worked and ideas that did not. Regardless of whether the experience was up or down I never ceased to learn something from it.

Although a variety of circumstances pushed me away from pursuing college coaching, I was extremely fortunate (and lucky) to have the Swart Family be willing to take a chance on me and let me coach their son Caleb. Ever since then, I have been coaching people who find out about me via word of mouth until now when I made the leap to start Folie Coaching.

supporting others while they work towards a goal is something that I am passionate about and I could not be more excited to be able to say that coaching is what I do. Whether it’s online, in-person, at the gym, or out in the world.

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