Many human accomplishments start as
Let's make yours reality. 

Supporting athletes of all ages and across all skill levels achieve their goals.

Folie à Deux: 

The presence of the same or similar Dream/delusional ideas in two persons associated with one another.

Although common verbiage in the world of psychology, Folie A Deux (Folie) is a principle that Folie Coaching believes in wholeheartedly. Why? Because when you sign on with Folie Coaching

Your goals become our goals.

The first sub 4min mile, the first 900 spin on a skateboard, a sub 2hr marathon, and the Miracle on Ice.

What do each of these incredible milestones have in common?

They all started as someones dream, goal, or delusion. Just in the same way that you are here chasing a dream or goal.


Meet the Coach


My name is Bryce Bradley. I have been a student of distance running and wellness for the last 15 years. In those 15 years I have competed at the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Through those experiences, I discovered that one of my passions is helping individuals reach their fullest potential. Click below to find out more about who I am, the education that I have the papers to prove, as well as some fun facts!​


What we coach

Couch to 5k

Whether you're just getting started or trying something new. I'm here to help!


Looking to take the next step and finally hit that time? I've got the knowledge to get you there.

High School

For the high schoolers that know in-season results start in the off-season. 

Other Services

Want to explore the triathlon or Ironman? Let's explore together. Just looking for some supplemental strength training added to your current regime? Let's talk.

First Time Racers

5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra-Marathon. No matter the distance, we've got you covered!


For those just looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, is looking for ideas, or simply needs some simple guidance.